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Clodomiro del Risco: carpenter and mambí gunsmith in Guaimaro

  • Published in Common People

Old picture of a wood and leather cannon.Cuban Independence warriors started to fight in 1868, they launched the attacks more with the soul than with weapons, the lack of weapons made the Cuban ingenuity grow and so it came the Mambi artillery of cannons made of wood and leather. If the local Carpenter Clodomiro del Risco was not the first, he was one of the original inventors of the known wood and leather cannons in the Great War.

At the outbreak of the Great War and the attack to Guáimaro by mambises Clodomiro del Risco decided to open his woodshop, a very sui generis one, a workshop to build cannons of wood and leather, he immediately left some copies of the Mambi artifact assembled.

The first military action in which the cannons built in Guáimaro were operational was in the battle of El Desmayo taking place on December 22nd, 1868, then in early 1869 the cannons were fired in Los Ripios and near Guáimaro and it is said that one of the Mambi artillery pieces used by Ignacio Agramonte on July 20th, 1869 to attack Puerto Principe came from this local workshop with designs of the carpenter Clodomiro del Risco which years later was captured by the Spanish and executed on the walls of the local Cemetery.