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July 26th for freedom

  • Published in July 26th

Poster dedicated to the Moncada Attack.Cubans will soon celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the attack to Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes barracks in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo respectively, a fact that traced the faith of Cuba, a nation defended at full by those young rebels, some of them today rest in history and others proud and full of the nation’s love, having lots of anecdotes with the privilege of carrying the legacy, which began in the bushes on January 1st, 1959.

The Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, alongside 90 men, would carry out the attack, at the same time; Abel Santamaria with other 21 warriors would take position at the Civil Hospital Saturnino Lora, while Raúl and other 10 warriors would take position at the Justice Hall.

The revolutionary fighters used the same uniforms of the tyranny army and left following the orders of the leader of the Moncada quest. Just about 5:35 a.m. the shooting began, everything was so fast, the stealth operation failed, however the heroes and martyrs of that unforgettable fact never thought it was going to be the propeller of the independent nature of the entire nation, which took as theirs the words of the exemplar lawyer on his legal statement ‘History will absolve me’:

“The smell of glorious quest is still breathed on the East of the country, and at sunrise, when roosters sing as bugles calling for soldiers and the sun rises up so bright on the high mountains, every day seems to be again as in Yara or Baire”.

July comes to remember, to remind the bravery of those who are gone but still ride among sun and hearth, the breeze and the full existence, because Cuba sees them as immortals, it worthy to highlight names such as Abel Santamaria, the happy, persuading, subtle, calmed, cheerful, deep, tender and optimistic boy. He lived with his sister Haydeé in an apartment on 25 and O, in El Vedado, the place in which the attacks were planned, turned into a museum at present, also known by everyone as ‘Everybody’s home’.

He used to wear round glasses, with tortoiseshell frame, big nose, high pink lips, making contrast with his eyes, smiling, with beautiful hands, long fingers, wide neck and shoulders, never concerned about his personal appearance, is brought back again and again full of courage, ready to share with present youth, his huge concerns, his romantic nature and his incomparable love to life, he loved life indeed.

Fidel called him the ‘soul of the Revolutionary movement’. In the trial to the Moncada attackers, the leader exposed: “Abel was the bravest one, the most strict… the most generous, loved, and intrepid of our youngmen”.

The 63rd anniversary of the attacks to Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, distinguishes and exalts Cuba, not only taking into account the valor of those men and women who stepped ahead without fear being very intrepid with the commitment to fight for freedom, but, and it is where the most exalting essence comes, because the day July 26th, 1953, still traces the future fights of a people that never forgets history even when they are able to forgive.