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Arrangements for a setback turned into a victory

  • Published in July 26th

Soldiers responding to the attack to the Moncada Garrison.The plan was developed in absolute secrecy. Only three men knew the details, because as Marti had taught them "to achieve some things we must be concealed."

The will and sacrifice reigned for those times in many hearts willing to give everything to defend a just cause of the humble, by the humble and for the humble.

They didn’t want the help of wealthy and corrupt political people, so some sold the work tools with which they made their living and other pawned their salary of months or savings of more than five years for the purchase of weapons, uniforms and other necessary resources for the fight.

Fidel, with his leadership, had planned everything carefully, and to create that movement he gave precise guidelines for its members to belong to humble classes and sectors of the population, that is, workers, peasants, employees and modest professionals, which they would be organized in three groups.

As part of that plan, they rented a small recreation property, known as the little farm "Siboney" located around Santiago de Cuba, with the apparent purpose of dedicating it to chicken breeding, where they would place weapons, uniforms and cars to be used in the attack, and where the revolutionary fighters would also be concentrated at the right time.

The day chosen for the action was ideal because it was Sunday during the Carnivals; however, the results were not as expected and it all ended in a military defeat.

However, as Fidel said: "The Moncada taught us to turn setbacks into victories" and today 63 years after those arrangements for the assault to the barracks Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, his spirit of leader, tireless warrior, eternal defender of the most noble and human causes remains intact in the Commander.