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Guaimaro also has its own Moncada

  • Published in July 26th

Flag of July 26, Day of the National Rebelliousness.It is again the morning of the Santa Ana and there is glory in the land of the Constitution. It is dawn of joy for Cubans and Guaimaro pays tribute to the country through the efforts of its people turned into victories.

We are already in battle again! For the Cuba conquered by the Centennial Generation and which today gives the Apostle a sovereign and independent, dignified republic with all and for the good of all.

The moncadistas of these times are into combat to take by assault the dreams of a better world, that is possible indeed, as it was made possible by the Revolution to make specific the Moncada program that the young Fidel Castro outlined in his plea of self-defense "History will Absolve me ".

Guáimaro is proud today that these goals were met. And it is a land of agricultural traditions where the sweat of the farmers is harvested in food for the people and economic benefits for their families and country; It is known for its famous cheese factory in Martí, a dairy processing industry that supplies part of the domestic consumption and contributes to substitute imports; and there is guarantee of houses for the inhabitants, who do not know about evictions, they own their houses and likely to improve from various financial mechanisms and development plans for the housing fund.

There is here secure employment, in its various forms, to ensure honest and humble living, a protected working class, defended, with rights, and the higher protagonist of the progress of the nation; there are schools even in the intricate hills with teachers, books and computers that multiply knowledge and human values without charging a penny, a growing army of students who are committed themselves to be like Che; there is the comfort of knowing that a life is not lost for lack of money for medical services because payment is gratitude.

But there is, above all, the confidence to move forward in what has been achieved, and the certainty that to keep it we are always ready to fight !, all for this freedom. That's the Moncada of Guáimaro! That is the commitment on the Day of the National Rebelliousness.