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Sancti Spíritus, city venue of July 26th celebrations

  • Published in July 26th

July 26th celebration held today in Sancti Spiritus.A wide river, the presence of colonial street lamps, large houses with high ceilings, church steeples, porches made of tiles and streets strung together by stones, give the distinctive touch to a Cuban city proud of having the green olive as battle suit and celebrate the condition of being the venue for the national celebration on the National Rebelliousness Day, here, in Cuba.

Sancti Spiritus blends the traditional with the contemporary, the lives of its inhabitants elapses embraced to the desire to love which is the same, to work, to build, turning dreams into realities.

Magnificence for its architectural surroundings and its unique history, it is blessed not only by the effort, enthusiasm and will of its inhabitants, including its music, the same that shines in memory of threesomes passionate serenades in the tuned guitar strings always ready to establish that covenant of love with fidelity, hope, tenderness, the whole existence.

At the forefront region of the nation in the Moncada contest, the building founded in 1900 as a society of education and recreation for citizens of Spanish origin and their descendants shimmers and clings to transcend, a building opened in 1926, property considered by espirituanos as Capitol which also extols the delights of the city that this 2016 celebrates in style the 63 anniversary of the assault to the Moncada barracks in Santiago de Cuba and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes in Bayamo.