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Fidel in Las Margaritas

  • Published in Historical Facts

Fidel and the Barba Machado family.Fidel visited Las Margaritas, a farm near the railroad town of Martí in Guáimaro where Álvaro Barba Machado was born, one of the most prominent Guaimaro revolutionaries during the republican political struggles.

On several occasions Fidel Castro Ruz was associated with the Machado Barba family, including Alcides and Walter Barba and in the final years of the '60s' at an unspecified date; the Cuban leader visits the farm and meets the whole family.

Álvaro was President of the University Students Federation (FEU) and as a student leader he opposed the Batista coup, he organized protests and movements such as the burial of the Constitution and the Constitutional Invasion, just as he was one of the main organizers of the March of the Torches on January 27th, 1953 by the Centenary of the Apostle, a strong friendship united him to Fidel, extended in the collaboration during the confrontation to the Batista dictatorship.

After the Triumph of the Revolution, Álvaro Barba is appointed to several functions, among them he was the Head of the Forest Department of the National Institute of Agrarian Reform (INRA) where he drew up a long-term reforestation policy for the whole country. In these functions he attended Rio de Janeiro to a UN Conference and on his return the plane where he traveled suffered an accident in Lima and died there. Fidel was waiting for the return of Alvaro to send him to Algeria as an advisor to the agrarian reform that began to take place there.

The Commander-in-Chief's visit to Finca Las Margaritas is not registered among his tours in the province of Camagüey. There Fidel chatted animatedly with the Barba Machado family and took a picture with them. This unpublished image is the graphic testimony of his presence in the place where, among other things, he paid homage to Álvaro Barba in front of his family. At that historical moment the parents of Alvaro, his brothers Alcides and Walter, as well as some nephews were present.