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Cuba to be assaulted by thousands of torches filled with patriotism

  • Published in Jose Marti

Youth attending the march of torches dedicated to the Cuban Apostle Jose Marti.It dawns, and it is announced a Friday of glory in the greater island of the Antilles, day of recount and homage, of united march and light. Only a few hours remain to commemorate the 164th anniversary of the Apostle of Independence's birthday, and the clamor of the night of January 27th is already felt, knowing that it will be eternalized in time and garnished with glory.

There are no mistakes, Cuba will all be illuminated from the Cape of San Antonio to Punta Maisi, thousands of young people, students and workers will hit the streets and main avenues to ratify the poet who sang in sweet verses the sorrows of the country that today his land once again declares itself free and eternally sovereign, that today Cubans of these and for all time appreciate the gift of teaching them to interpret with their poetry the greatness of justice, respect for the right, dignity.

In the tomb of José Martí, National Hero of Cuba, the national flag and flowers are permanent. Tonight there will be no shortage of lights, the same bright ones that will join the echo of ardent voices proud to pronounce the universal name of the endless indefatigable visionary ready to travel nations carrying the message of a people eager for freedom.

Cuban Apostle Jose Marti.This January 27th, 2017 in the easternmost region of Camagüey, the author of the book The Golden Age will receive the reverence of all those who venerate and immortalize him because he was an Apostle, Poet, Master, Martyr, Soldier.

When the calendar is about to mark the date January 28th, the retrospective traps and the return to the year 1853 comes, Jose Marti was born to persevere, none with more right than he to know this time of the deference he asked in his simplest verse, the most fragrant bouquet of roses and the caresses of the most beautiful flag, as a wish transformed this day of rejoicing into a giant March of Torches bearing as core ideal: "To do is the best way to say".