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We can. I can

  • Published in Opinion

Fight against Cancer.It is not strange to hear the expression that asserts: 'Cuba in foreign policy and health aid is really a superpower' because the Greater Antilles fights for general health, it is worth this time of comment to highlight specifically how the island responds to the SOS call for Cancer.

Heart disease is reported as the number one cause of death in the Caribbean nation, followed by malignant tumors, the latter caused mainly by incorrect lifestyles, smoking, and alcohol ingestion.

In the face of the cruel disease, a program of permanent care is strengthened by the Ministry of Public Health at the country level with emphasis on the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR), an institution where the so-called solid tumors are treated.

For example, lung cancer is considered a global phenomenon, hence the effort to strengthen national campaigns aimed at reducing smoking and alcoholism.

In dialogue with health specialists, the expression "It is proven that as long as there are more smokers and drinkers, more sedentary, more malignant tumors will emerge."

Cuban vaccines against Cancer CimaVax and RacotumomabThe Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM) once again stood out in 2016 in the international sphere for the creation of vaccines CimaVax and Racotumomab, therapeutic drugs that control tumors diagnosed by containing their growth, that is, slow down the way cancer spreads through the body.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 1.4 million lung cancer deaths worldwide are reported every year, an alarming number translated into a huge challenge, especially for Third World countries.

Day after day in Cuba, the work aimed at strengthening the perception of risk in the population is invigorated. It is also emphasized that the low ingestion of fruits and vegetables and the pollution of the city due to the lack of hygiene and the smoke of vehicles are also risk factors.

Because of the constant denunciation of the Cuban State, other nations of the world have understood, as Swiss professor Franco Cavalli, a famous Oncology specialist, said, "the most important thing is not the economic possibility of a country, but the quality and effectiveness of its structure. Health and the political will of its government '.

Hope and will to fight against CancerToday, February 4, 2017, on World Day to Combat Cancer, the Cuban Ministry of Health endorses the motto "We can. I can "and more than ever before the deadly disease that detected in time may bring a cure, validate the statement of the Italian Marxist Gramsci who points out:" While we pity the reason pessimism, we must face things with the optimism of the heart ".