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Between longevity and sport, grateful smiles emerge

  • Published in Local News

Elders get together every other day to practice sports.The oldest members of the 'Renace La Vida' Elders club, belonging to Guaimaro Norte popular council, received on Tuesday the visit of specialists from the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology joined by technicians from the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), all interested in knowing the level of acceptance of the elderly, attended by the graduate in Physical Culture Nadia Saborit Pérez.

The pleasant encounter showed that older adults use the morning contact through which they exercise the body, develop abilities, the latter empowered by various games considered by them to be effective methods for health care and the strengthening of human relationships.

The experience gains adherents and satisfies Nadia the teacher, happy to contribute and improve the quality of life of enthusiastic and disciplined grandparents adhere to their advice and knowledge committed to strengthening attitudes and the application of healthy practices.

Guided by Saborit Pérez, the family of the third age of the club ‘Renace la Vida’ reached the highest evaluation, result that they promised to maintain as they are the protagonists of a program that educates and provides fun and happiness.

The occasion was conducive to dialogue about the conditions that slowly damage the body of older adults known as chronic and degenerative diseases and once again emphasize the importance of practicing exercises such as play, sport or physical activity.

Three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday early in the morning, Nadia expects her students to be convinced that every day is a door that opens to continue to love existence and consolidate the essence of their work, exercised by many in Cuba, concerned and dedicated to make you see the older adult that integrating into the clubs of grandparents has the possibility to counteract habits harmful to their physical health, reduce stress, discover their skills and develop their creative ability.


Abuelos atentos a los consejos de la profesora Nadia.

Abuelos se tomaron una fotografía con los visitantes.
Nadia Saborit, licenciada en Cultura Física satisfecha de trabajar con los abuelos.