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United States Insists on Building Conflictive Oil Pipeline

  • Published in International

United States Insists on Building Conflictive Oil Pipeline.Washington, Feb 9.- U.S. administration insisted today on the construction of an oil pipeline in North Dakota, despite the opposition of the indigenous population of that region.

The Engineer Corps of the U.S. Army announced this Wednesday it will authorize the laying out of the pipeline opposed by the Sioux tribe of Standing Rock.

That ethnic group says the construction affects territories they consider sacred.

The U.S. President, Donald Trump, revived last week this project that had been buried by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Besides the pipeline, Trump also reactivated the Keystone XK which had also been blocked by Obama in support to the struggle against climate change.

The Dakota Access will extend to four states along one thousand 900 kilometers and will cost about three billion 800 million dollars.

The pipeline will transport crude from North Dakota, one of the main oil and schist gas producers in the center-north of the country, to a distribution center in Illinois, southeast of Dakota.

Its defenders allege it will cheapen oil and gas transportation, while allowing to better face the competition from Canadian production.

The ethnic group, on its part, promised to reverse the decision of the army before the courts and called all the opposition to march on Washington D.C. on March 10 to participate in the March of Native Nations.