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Guaimaro: 226 years of existence

  • Published in Historical Facts

Official documents about Guaimaro founding.In the eighteenth century the effective appropriation of land in Cuba was manifested in many places from the founding of towns and villages, in Port-au-Prince that process of urban expansion went very slow and Guaimaro was one of the first towns founded in the jurisdiction of the city.

Before becoming a town, the lands where the population was founded were part of the Hato de Guáimaro, which were concentrated in houses erected "without order or concert" in what was then called the eye of Guaimaro a plain that bordered the river with same name and that was crossed by the Cuban Royal Road.

Then, taking advantage of the existence of some houses and families, the priest Fray Gregorio de Jesus Caballero y Miranda built a small church in 1789 and two years later decided to open the first book of baptisms for white and Spanish people of the small village where those born there had to be baptized in Port-au-Prince or Bayamo because their legal identity was not recognized.

Thus begins the city's history of this city that now celebrates 226 years of founding and as Jose Marti wrote: "Guaimaro Free was never more beautiful than in the days when he was going to enter glory and sacrifice."