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Radio Guaimaro radiates light, company and love

  • Published in Opinion

Master Studio in Radio Guaimaro.Because of its age, it is like an older lady, because of its joy, it is like a girl who is happy about puberty, and because of its height, it is an athlete who overcomes the most different obstacles in order to impose a record of audience, affection, respect and presence in the hearts of its spectators.

Radio Guaimaro is like that 100 meter runner who reaches the finish line with the favor of its crazy ones and fanatics, children, women, men, everyone follows it from dawn when it opens its window and many fall asleep with it and its last news page and daily counting of life in Guaimaro when it closes its imaginary curtains at 11 at night.

This radio plant that feeds the people of the town, who sings with the voice of its fans, who fulfills its musical policy in the same way that strengthens the love of its radio broadcasters towards itself giving life to the best of national and international culture, knows that without its thousands and thousands of followers it would have been impossible to live the 48 years in the soul of the listeners.

The CMHN reads in the eyes of its listeners the voice of nature, the desires for more progress, more denunciation, the available courage to match its journalists and other workers in the press so that the voice of the Constitution continues to thrive towards the goal of serving and serving well to those it carries in its heart, dreams of justice, happiness and freedom.

Those who went by the law of life bequeathed us a great shame, a love and an attitude of resistance and incorruptible victory, those who departed for other reasons also taught us to perfect the march, to listen, to learn from mistakes and to strengthen this beautiful work, indestructible and pregnant with challenges that are the community broadcasting for all.

We continue here with you listening brothers and we do it with the weapon in hand, with the respect and gratitude of always, with the anxieties to continue overcoming our weaknesses and to advance towards the perfection with the consent of each beloved listener of ours.

If we are here today it is because you exist, it is because we have a sovereign ether and friend of the simplest and most complex crowds, it is because we know that this press organ is worthy due to the commitment it bears in its guts and shines for what it is worth to who will be eternal friends of it in all times, the most difficult, the most creative, those who give more light and those who always stick in the conscience and virtue of its makers and receivers.

48 years after that beginning bathed in sugar, sweat and village unity in the 70's, Radio Guaimaro grows, renews itself, it becomes more and more involved with its listeners and feels completely useful, wise and committed to the Revolution and with this town full of glory and history.