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Camagüey journalists celebrated their day embracing the Homeland

  • Published in Opinion

Journalists awarded in Camagüey on their day.It was not a work meeting, it was a contact between friends of the guild, a day to highlight the encouragement to the journalists of Camagüey who have delivered and give their best to the profession that not only requires commitment and updating, also creativity and wisdom.

There, in the Jose Marti Park of the capital Agramontina under the thin rain of a hot March and at the same time winter the phrase of the forever undefeated and immortal leader Fidel Castro Ruz shone: "I bring in the heart the doctrines of the Master" because the guerrilla Of the time accompanies the professionals of the press every second, minute and hour, that is why his imperishable image and his motivating spirit of battling for a better world that he affirmed as possible was present at the meeting.

In a public place, this March 14th, Press Day in Cuba, were awarded with the Work Award "Rolando Ramírez", delivered by the Union of Cuban Journalists in Camagüey, Rosa María Moros Fernandez, from the services Information from Radio Cadena Agramonte, Milagros Manresa Rodríguez, from Radio Nuevitas and Enrique Atiénzar Rivero, from the weekly Adelante.

Camagüey led a different day, full of commitment, patriotism and the deep conviction that much remains to be done and that in terms of informing and updating the people of what happens on the island and the world, journalists are a reference point .

Old and new generations merged to thank the most experienced, to call not to rest and in each scenario to always be journalists.

In the Lake of Dreams, a place of innumerable attractions, where nature and urbanity merge as a whole, the celebration of the everlasting memorable date took place, recalling the anniversary125 of the Patria newspaper, created by José Martí, a publication circulated for the first time on March 14th, 1892.

To the rhythm of the incomparable Cuban music and the unique match of the Creole food, the Camagüeyan journalists assured never to fail to the Revolution, human work that magnifies and transforms dreams into realities.