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Human history always remembered by its value and courage

  • Published in Opinion

Map of Guaimaro.On May 10th, 1869, a month after the signing in Guaimaro of the First Constitution of the Republic of Cuba in Arms, the inhabitants of this first free village of Camagüey demonstrated to the troops of the oppressor army their decision to be independent from the Spanish metropolis and preferred to leave in ruins all their properties before giving them to the enemy.

This resolute and admirable attitude still surprises us today 148 years after an event whose only antecedent was in Bayamo, on January 11th, 1869 when the Bayamo settlers gathered in the City Council decided to set fire to the first capital of the Republic of Cuba In Arms rather than to be surrendered to the oppressors. Nearly ten thousand Bayamo citizens left the city and went into the mountains.

A similar response was given by the Guaimareños, when the commander of the Mambí Army, General Manuel de Quesada saw the imminent entrance into the town of Guaimaro of Spanish troops led by the sanguinary General Conde de Balmaceda, with military superiority, he then recalled the glorious action of Bayamo settlers and ordered the following to the civil governor or Commander of Weapons of Guaimaro, Jose Manuel de la Torre:

"Immediately and under your strict responsibility you will set fire to the town which has been under your government, so that there is no stone left on stone. Colonel Manuel de Jesus Valdés (Chicho Valdés Urra) will help you in the complete destruction of that village ".

The order was issued with deadlines for the devastation, it was necessary to save the enemy, by fire, to the sacred people and to give them ruins where they expected fortresses.

The disposition was completely fulfilled and the settlers with their goods turned into ashes left to the bushes to continue the fight.

In 1896 after the resumption of our acts for independence, again that was the order and not even then the residents in the village faltered at that opinion. The fate of the independence of the motherland was at stake.

This is how they come to this day and this is how the great memories of our people are taught in school and at home so that the children and young Guaimareños of every age cling to them and carry them in their hearts as did their ancestors in that Memorable period.

Guaimaro is not today the glorious Cinderella of Cuba, but the inhabitants of the region keep their immortal epics deep in their hearts, nourishing their history to nourish their love for their country and their independence.