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The face of love and hope

  • Published in Opinion

International Children' Day.The face is like a balm against all tiredness, with a tender and mischievous look at the same time fills the voice with joy and in arms the greatest recharge of possible energy comes. The day and challenges have been worth it for this happy reward.

And it is that boys and girls have that gift of making our world a better place, with them and for them. That is why every June 1st we strive to remember that they are the most vulnerable group and therefore the one that suffers the most crises and problems, a major reason to weigh their rights to health, education and protection, regardless of the place of the world where they were born.

Dedicating an international day to children also serves to make a call on the needs of the youngest ones and recognize the work of the people who work every day to foster a better future.

I think then of Cuba and its achievements, which, in addition to so many limitations and shortages, makes waste of will and prioritizes resources to favor their healthy development. From the Maternal and Child Care Program, Educate your child and the Day care centers to primary and secondary education, everything revolves around their integral formation and their happiness.

The Revolution also has a legislative body dedicated to ensuring the survival, development, protection and participation of infants. Thus, there are Family, Labor, Childhood and Youth Codes and the Maternity Act, with extraordinary advantages for the mother.

In our society, nothing is more important than the boys and girls, they are our most precious treasure, our greatest impulse, inexhaustible source of love and hope. To watch over their well-being, proper food, adequate accommodation, play and rest, cultural activities, development of skills and abilities, listening and taking them into account for decision making is for us a duty and for them a right.

The rights of children are based on four fundamental principles: non-discrimination, the best interests of the child, the right to life, survival and development, and participation. All of them also remind us of Martí and why every end of the day is happier when your child or girl is close in between so much fuss with tender face and embraces the certainty of being all the hope of the world.