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Cannons that besieged Guaimaro

Artillery piece used by Cuban independence fighters.When Major General Calixto García prepared and executed the taking and capture of Plaza Fuerte de Guaimaro in October, 1896, he systematically used the artillery.

The artillery pieces with which he harassed the square were two Hotchkiss campaign cannons, one of '42 mm 'caliber and rapid shot and which had been manufactured in' 1894 'in Providence, United States and which the Mambises baptized as Holguín and another of the same brand but of '70 mm 'and recoiling which the independence fighters denominated Key West (Cayo Hueso)in honor to the workers of the emigration that acquired it with their savings.

The pieces of artillery to begin the siege of the square were located first in the Lomas de la Manzanita that is behind the Loma del Gonfau and with them attacked the Fort Mella on the morning of October 17th, 1896 led by the American commander Winchester Dango Osgood, after the capture of Fort Mella, the pieces of artillery were placed in the Loma del Gonfau to besiege the rest of the forts as well as the square.

The first day of hostilities fell the American commander and Cuban Mambi Winchester Danas Osgood killed in the Loma del Gonfau. The artillery pieces Holguín and Cayo Hueso played a decisive role in the taking of Guaimaro in October, 1896.