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The Fidel who lives in each of us

  • Published in Opinion

Cuban Revolution Leader Fidel Castro Ruz.The era is delivering a heart, as Silvio says, because every August 13 in Cuba a new spirit of struggle and love is born. The Fidel who lives in each town’s soul, the one who beats with the bowels of a nation, is celebrating his birthday. And we celebrate that: the bliss that Birán brought us to the world that flesh and blood man who became a giant and said goodbye eternally.

Not everyone can say in the future that they had him as the protagonist of their time, making the Revolution, but they can affirm with pride that they are the fruit of it. Because that, his greatest work, to which he devoted every sleeplessness, and every dream, was and is his best gift.

How not to respond to him then with new battles for better conquests, how not to comply with the man, not the hero or the ideal, but the young man who grew and matured with his country, suffering its wounds; who always thought, first, in the welfare of others; in which he was even able to leave us, before leaving, the accurate guide to continue on the road: that concept of Revolution that cannot be left in the poster hanging on a wall, but in the spirit of every worthy Cuban.

I do not want Fidel in a slogan, I do not even dare to say it, I do not want him to be remembered or celebrated at the summit of an immortal; I prefer to know him there, without leaving his office for days, almost without sleeping, inventing solutions; with humility and greatness to reserve for him the greatest fears and to avoid dislikes and worries to those who accompanied him in the difficult task of moving forward a country, and protect him at any price, in the hardest moments; facing the hurricanes face to face, putting his chest at risk of bullets, listening to opinions, even divergent, because he was human and could not be right in everything, carrying a child, playing basketball in a school, explaining to the people every detail, demonstrating with facts, in any scenario, what it means to be willing to do everything for the Nation, without lowering his head to anyone, and with the firm conviction that we would never give up on the much-sanctified, sacred, sovereignty. If with him we were able to earn a place of respect in the world and we managed to make those four letters that make Cuba the essence of an entire people, we owe it, not only to him, but to ourselves, to maintain and promote it.

There it is the legacy of our Commander in Chief: in his example of patriotism and self-denial, of rebellion, unconformity and constant struggle, of optimism and trust, of solidarity and dedication.

He is in every step and every effort to build us a better country, a more just, and full society, which although imperfect yet, has the indispensable guarantees that so many elsewhere aspire to. Let us all celebrate, with a toast for life, the happiness of the Fatherland.