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Pedro del Risco Téllez, the real Mambí carpenter and armorer

  • Published in Local News

Pedro del Risco Téllez, the real Mambí carpenter and armorer Last March 8 in the newspaper Granma appeared an article entitled: The true story of the gun of strips of leather signed by the journalist Lissy Rodríguez Guerrero, the article, in property, is an excellent text where it traces the history and avatars of the guns of wood, copper bands and covered with leather strips with which the mambises of the Great War faced in the beginning the colonial power of Spain, that in addition had been launched with all their forces to crush the Cuban insurrection.

The article highlights the carpenter of Guáimaro Clodomiro del Risco as the creator of the most original of the construction workshops of these Mambi artifact and it is here where the error has become recurrent in more than once on text with the subject of the Mambi carpenter and armorer, it is treated that Clodomiro del Risco Téllez did not exist, the name of Clodomiro was a pseudonym adopted by Pedro Nolasco del Risco Téllez a carpenter of Guaimaro that at the beginning of the Ten Years' War in his workshop in the village and in the absence of resources of the guerrillas of the insurgents built several wooden cannons with iron or copper bands and covered with leather strips to allow, after a shot, the transfer of the cannon if it was not destroyed in that attempt.

Baptism of Pedro N. del Risco Téllez

Pedro Nolasco del Risco Téllez was born on March 15th, 1830 in Guaimaro and was baptized in La Concepción parish, on April 1st, of the same year and was recorded in the First Book of Baptisms of White and Spanish People in folio 64, number 250.

Very young he learned the trade of carpentry and set up a workshop where at the outbreak of the Great War he built the wooden canyons with which the Count of Balmaceda was besieged at the end of the year '1868' and then in the attack on Port-au-Prince that made El Mayor in the middle of the following year.

Pedro del Risco Téllez was captured in the year '1872' and after being imprisoned in the tower of the Church La Concepción was shot before the walls of a ruined house that belonged to Manuel Escalante. This Mambi carpenter and armorer from Guaimaro, is an example of Cuban ingenuity approved at all times.