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In Cuba, everybody is taken into account

  • Published in Local News

People debating the Constitutional Project in Guaimaro. Photo: Evelio Hernandez Ramos.Not only Cubans living on the island analyze the draft of the Constitution of the Republic, but also comrades who live in other nations are concerned and concern about the issue that transcends today in the largest of the Antilles.

From last August 13 and until November 15, the word counting is merged with the word continuity, which also encourages change, renewing ideas, all valid in the popular consultation, precisely because in Cuba Everyone is taken into account!

In Guaimaro, workers, professionals, community people, athletes, housewives, technicians, skilled workers, young people and adults, make their own these days the verbs: Modify, add, eliminate, ask; as the true protagonists of a process that today is already in frank consolidation.

For those who for the first time face an event like this, they feel very satisfied to know the wide range of rights that are incorporated into the constitutional project, applaud the intention to distinguish and strengthen the economy of the municipalities and already approve the incorporation of the concept of socialist State of right, the democratic character of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) and the interest of promoting Latin American integration.

In the easternmost region of Camagüey, the importance and connotation of this unprecedented event in the history of the Revolution is alive in which the redeeming spirit of a people who is proud to celebrate in the present 2018 the 150th Anniversary of the Wars of Independence.

With the slogan "My will, my Constitution", advances in Guáimaro the debate of a project designed to consolidate and give continuity to a socialist, democratic, prosperous and sustainable system, it is worth remembering that in our Constitution is reflected the most appreciated dream of the Apostle of Independence, the teacher José Martí: "... I want the first law of our republic to be the cult of Cubans to the full dignity of man."