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A popular radio worker

  • Published in Local News

Medardo and some of his workmates.Experience and professionalism take shape in him. His voice is drawn in the ether for 24 years, and with that complicity that is born thanks to the magic of the radio, he accompanies every day to Guaimaro citizens who wait for him to reflect, learn, get updated, have fun.

They even go to meet his hurried step on the street, supply book in hand (because he knows how to combine work and home duties) to deliver congratulatory notes or musical requests, because his listeners want him to mention them.

The dial is tuned to the reality of his people and there he is, conversing with his people, assuming knight gallant En Confianza, greeting friends of the news or sharing a peasant party. In all, he leaves a trace of commitment and love to what he does.

Responsible, dedicated, honest, compliant, and always concerned that his works remain with quality, he is listened to slowly and surely, like the faithful friend who is always there for you.

His usual greeting also speaks of trust and respect for his audience and coworkers.

Hello there, youth! That's how I met him and I created that image of accessible authority in his profession to whom he could always go for wise advice, but even with his example he already teaches enough.

That is why I am pleased to be the one who announces the well-deserved Cuban Radio Seal on its 95th Anniversary, awarded to Medardo Pérez Silva, pride for the entire collective. Congratulations!