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We remind you as you were Commander!

  • Published in Local News

Juan Almeida Bosque.September 11th, 2009, was traced in history of the largest of the Antilles as a sad day. For Cubans, that day marks the death of a Commander of the Revolution who was very loved by people, a man who walked firmly in search of a better life, a better future.

Today, on the Ninth Anniversary of his physical departure, the whole country looks at him with hope, and that is the reason that makes him transcendental, a gift that Juan Almeida Bosque knew how to win on the battlefield and consolidated it in his daily actions that make him so great.

"So we remind you Commander", says a song hummed by many because the figure of Almeida is multiplied in old and new generations proud of their example, grateful for their delivery.

In these times, the rebel distinguished with awards and decorations, including the Honorary Title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba and the Order Máximo Gómez, the militant of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party since its foundation in '1965', the Deputy to the National Assembly and Vice-president of the Council of State, since the first term of our Parliament, survives in the essence of a revolutionary process always inspired by making peace, bringing souls closer to countries and sow brotherhood among nations.

The guerrilla of the Sierra Maestra, the composer of more than 300 songs, the writer of a dozen books, the head of the Revolutionary Air Force, the founder of the Central Army, the same fighter promoted to Commander on February 27, 1958, information issued by his comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, is reborn in communities that feel his constant desire to work for Cuba and the Revolution.

Juan Almeida Bosque, taught everyone that with love, responsibility and dignity the world can be saved, he taught everyone to overcome the indifference and the pretensions of omnipotence, he taught that every positive action opens paths to the formation of the heart, that which beats with it strengthens and ratifies his firmness and strength, a heart that allows itself to be impregnated by the human work gestated by the humble and for the humble.

This September 11th, 2018, the story calls to review anecdotes led by Juan Almeida Bosque, the Commander who, like yesterday and today, is always in the spirit of the people he vivifies with his everlasting life.