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Between perseverance and love, Victory!

  • Published in Local News

Cuban Five Heroes.It is worth remembering this September 12, 2018 five men who for 16 long years endured solitude in American prisons. Their History is well known; the world followed detail in detail because the legend led by Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Fernando González Llort, and René González Sehwerert, arrested 20 years ago in Miami, deserves to be reviewed again and again. In the historical retrospective can not miss a name, Fidel! Commander that in the Open Tribune of the Revolution held on June 23rd, 2001 in Cotorro, Havana, pronounced the emblematic phrase: "¡Volverán (They’ll be back)!".

This was predicted by the giant of America and just on December 17, 2014, Cuba already had its five children free and victorious. Fernando and René, fulfilled their unjust sentences, were the first to arrive on the island. Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio, did it some time later, after the agreements reached between Havana and Washington.

Each story shared between old and new generations related to the five Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, helps to know a little more the deep message of perseverance and dignity that they transmitted, not only in themselves, but also as indispensable fighters in the defense of the dreams of a nation that has suffered the longest terrorist campaign known on planet earth, imposed by the governments of the world's leading power, the United States.

This September 12, the call encourages the recount, invites to dust off details that ratify the numerous and flagrant iniquities committed by the empire against the Caribbean region in which stands out the state terrorism perpetrated by Washington since 1959 in different ways (economic, bacteriological, political, paramilitary and diplomatic).

For the reasons mentioned above, whenever there is a talk about Gerardo, René, Fernando, Ramón and Antonio, it must be emphasized that these brothers, at the risk of their lives, entered into fascist groups with the aim of preventing the materialization of criminal acts against Cuba. In the risky work, the world known as the five Cuban anti-terrorists prevented one hundred and seventy attacks against the Caribbean region by alerting the authorities of Havana in time.

Fidel assured that the five would return, his oath was fulfilled, the meeting between the heroes and the people revealed that the prison time endured by Gerardo, René, Fernando, Antonio and Ramón, touched the hearts of many, to the point of making germinate in several countries, hundreds of solidarity committees, the same as today recall each of the anecdotes consolidated by force of passion for others, courage and love in the soul.

The facts remain, the actions are remembered, in them what happened on February 28, 2015 prevails, that day, the Cuban leader received the Five anti-terrorists, here is the result told by the immortal Commander:

Five Cuban Heroes qith Fidel.I received them on Saturday, February 28, 73 days after they set foot on Cuban soil. Three of them had spent 16 long years of their fullest youth breathing the damp, smelly, disgusting air from the basements of a Yankee prison, after being condemned by venal judges. Two others, who also tried to impede the criminal plans of the empire against their country, were also sentenced to several years of brutal prison.

The research organizations themselves, completely oblivious to the most elementary sense of justice, participated in the inhumane hunting.

The Cuban intelligence did not need at all to follow the movements of a single military team of the United States, because this could observe from the space everything that was moving on our planet through the Radioelectronic Exploration Base "Lourdes", to the south of the capital of Cuba. This center was able to detect any object that moved thousands of miles from our country.

The Five Anti-Terrorist Heroes, who never harmed the United States, tried to prevent terrorist attacks against our people, organized by the American intelligence agencies that world opinion knows so well.

None of the Five Heroes performed their tasks in search of applause, prize or glory. They received their honorable titles because they did not look for it. They, their wives, their parents, their children, their brothers, and their fellow citizens, we have the legitimate right to feel proud.

In July 1953, when we attacked the Moncada, I was 26 years old and much less experienced than they showed. If they were in the United States, it was not to harm that country, or to take revenge for the crimes that were organized there and supplying explosives against our country. Trying to stop them was absolutely legitimate.

The main thing upon arrival was to greet their relatives, friends and the people, without neglecting a minute the health and the rigorous medical check-up.

I was happy for hours yesterday. I heard wonderful stories of heroism from the group presided over by Gerardo and seconded by everyone, including the painter and poet, whom I met while building one of his works at the airfield in Santiago de Cuba. And the wives? The sons and daughters? The sisters and mothers? Are you not going to receive them too? Well, we must also celebrate the return and joy with the family!

Yesterday, immediately, I wanted to exchange with the Five Heroes. For five hours that was the subject. I have since yesterday, fortunately, given enough time to ask them to invest part of their immense prestige in something that will be extremely useful to our people.

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Fidel Castro Ruz

March 1, 2015

10:12 p.m.