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An island embraces them and history makes them immortals

  • Published in Local News

Ernesto Che Guevara and Antonio Maceo.Cuba is privileged to have heroes like Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Che Guevara, the first born in the town of Majaguabo, in San Luis, Oriente, in'1845', the second, in Rosario, city of Argentina, in South America , in '1928 '.

Antonio Maceo never ran away in any circumstances, he challenged the fight in the front, he was a true Titan, the Bronze Titan of the largest island of the Antilles, a land that today reminds him, venerates and forever thanks him for his willpower, dedication, courage and audacity.

The mulatto, son of Marcos and Mariana, participated in more than 89 war actions and survived in the ten bloodiest battles of the 1995 war.

The patriot cataloged by the Generalísimo Máximo Gómez as the most exalted figure of the Revolution, the pro-independence mambí who received 25 bullet wounds in his body, two bullets in the thighs, two in the right side, four in the belly, six in the chest, three in the arms, two in the shoulders, three in the right hand, two in the legs and one in the neck, inspired José Martí to write in the newspaper Patria in 1894: "There is still in the body of General Maceo enough space for a few scars. "

Years later, driven by the same ideal, an Argentinian turned into Cuban began to be part of the history of Cuba, Ernesto, yes, the guerrilla man, our Che, from Latin American and the world, the compatriot who passed through Mexico, made contact with the revolutionaries who prepared the expedition of the Granma yacht, there he met Fidel, joined the group and gradually won the confidence of the rebels who from the first day admired his solidarity, his extraordinary way of thinking, his ability to organize, convince and win the friendly hug.

The doctor who cured the wounded and saved lives, showed his skills as a fighter, the soldier who ran immense dangers, without retreat, with exemplary courage, became the protagonist of a feat that succeeded on January 1, 1959 '

The passion for the Revolution transformed him into another Cuban, a tireless worker, a true leader, an example of effort, sacrifice and internationalism, a fighter always eager to build and take on tasks.

This '14 June 2019 ', once again open the pages of books that treasure notes of two men with two stories and the same ideal, strategists who expressed both in theory and in practice their unconditional attachment to equity, translated in a single sentence: Always Independence!

A memorable day for all Cubans is today, a journey that by chance of destiny marked the birth in different years and times, of two great men, patriots of ancestry and heart, brave warriors protagonists of difficult contests, lovers to the core of justice and freedom: Antonio Maceo and Ernesto Che Guevara.