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The link between the people and the local bodies of the People's Power is intensified

  • Published in Local News

People and government representatives exchange about community issues.In Guaimaro, actions are implemented to improve Popular Power, by strengthening the link of its delegates with the people and the joint work of the community work groups.

According to Reynaldo Aguilar Cruz, president of the Municipal Assembly, this link goes back to the creation of the Local Bodies more than 40 years ago, and is constantly being perfected in order to obtain better results.

Norma Millán Núñez, who was a delegate of the district for more than 17 years, says that this commitment requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication, because the delegate needs to be nourished by the experiences of the people.

In Guáimaro there are many positive examples of the sincere involvement of the representatives of the local bodies of the Popular Power; However, a systematic effort is needed to achieve more positive and satisfactory performances.