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A leader that lasts over time and lives in revolution

  • Published in Local News

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.In these convulsive days of political strengthening and economic decline in Venezuela, the latter caused by the sickly obsession of a worm-eaten opposition financed by the empire determined to stifle at all costs what smells of revolutions and social processes inspired by the humble and for the humble, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías constantly returns to guide his people in the love for the homeland, in ideas and thoughts based on equity and respect for man.

In reviewing his life story many anecdotes highlight, encourage and convene, all endorsed by the feeling of doing good, of struggling for the unity of nations, of sharing affection between children, youth and adults. Hugo - tells his mother Elena - he had nothing special, though; He was a very nice and affectionate child with others, with a strong, intelligent and skillful character for drawing.

The infant Chávez who savored to the maximum the "milky spiders" prepared by the grandmother Rosa Inés, the same one who only had some sandalitas to go to school and adored the fish hallacas, the roasted meat, the merengada de cambur, the one that He ran through the fields of Sabaneta and is remembered more than ever as the little boy who became a man and promised to defend the poor of all America.

In interviews starring Elena, mother of Hugo, the question was never missing. How are Chávez and Fidel similar? The answer could not be other: "As revolutionary as they are, how sincere they are."

Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez.Hugo expressed in all facets of his life the proud of the mixture that ran in his blood, so close to the shade of Venezuela, his white mother, like Maisanta; his black father and with the Indian roots of his grandmother Rosa Ines, and what to say about Simón Bolívar, for he spilled passion, he learned to love him from always, from history books he knew the details that surrounded the Liberator and the details that made him in transcendental figure in all the orb.