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Arctic blast kills at least four people in the US

Arctic blast kills at least four people in the US. Taken from Prensa Latina.Washington, Nov 12.- At least four people died in the United States as a result of an arctic blast that brought snow and record low temperatures this week, NBC News reported.

According to the source, the deaths were reported in the states of Michigan and Kansas, due to poor road conditions.

NBC noted that an eight-year-old girl died and three people were injured in a car accident south of Kansas City on Monday morning.

Michigan authorities informed that three people (a 57-year-old man and two women aged 64 and 81) died in a car accident that involved two automobiles on the outskirts of Lansing.

Snow and ice blocked air traffic in Chicago, Illinois, where nearly 2,000 flights at the O'Hare International Airport were delayed or cancelled on Monday.