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Clodomiro del Risco: carpenter and mambí gunsmith in Guaimaro

Old picture of a wood and leather cannon.Cuban Independence warriors started to fight in 1868, they launched the attacks more with the soul than with weapons, the lack of weapons made the Cuban ingenuity grow and so it came the Mambi artillery of cannons made of wood and leather. If the local Carpenter Clodomiro del Risco was not the first, he was one of the original inventors of the known wood and leather cannons in the Great War.

  • Written by Collaborator Desiderio Borroto Fernandez/Translated by Daisel Lozada Fernandez
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Salvador Cisneros Betancourt: his steps in Guaimaro

Local museum hall. The surrounding landscape is beautiful, the rooms of the Municipal Museum, dressed in history and memories, illuminating the local awakening. The streets of the town adore the steps of the Cuban politician who became president of the Republic of Cuba in Arms from 1873 to 1875.

  • Written by Niurka Rivero Navarro/Translated by Daisel Lozada Fernandez
  • Category: Common People
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Local celebrities

Jun, 2015.- Among the celebrities of everyday events, which are those people that walk along the city every day and often suffer from abandonment but that is overcome by the affection of people, undoubtedly, in recent decades Guaimaro has had two daily celebrities well marked in the popular imagination and they are 'Ramona The Madwoman' and ' The Formula'.

  • Written by Desiderio Borroto Fernández
  • Category: Common People
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