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Fair Arch of Triumph: a local monument

Arch of Triumph at the Entrance of the local Fair Grounds in Guaimaro.Since 1938 it was planned by the Cooperative of Ranchers and the Board of Trade to establish a livestock fair in Guaimaro and to make up the Exhibition Park, the Cooperative acquired a land southeast of the town that belonged to Lamas Almanza and crudely built the stables, the rodeo area and the other facilities.

  • Written by Barbara Cortellan Conesa/Translated by Daisel Lozada Fernandez
  • Category: Locality monuments
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Guáimaro: monuments, symbols and memory I

Contstitution Park Obelisc in Guaimaro. A city can be read from the writing of its architecture or its urban shape but it can only be interpreted emotionally, through monuments, Guáimaro is not a city prolific of monuments although it has spread the imprint symbolic in its people that to assume ownership identity. Because of its symbolic and urban brand of its location two of them make up the essential segment : The Obelisk to Constituents in the Constitution Park and the Mausoleum  to Ana Betancourt de Mora.

  • Written by Desiderio Borroto Fernández
  • Category: Locality monuments
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