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Glory to the patriotic sacrifice in Guaimaro

Soldiers and officers pay homage to the fallen on defensive actions in foreign countries.The day of homage in the territory to the fallen on defensive actions, in the anniversaries 27th of the Operation Tribute and 120th of the death in combat of the Cuban patriots Antonio Maceo Grajales and Panchito Gómez Toro, began in the morning of this Tuesday in the seat of the Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (CCP) with the fraternal encounter between its Municipal Bureau and the relatives of the internationalist fighters who died in African lands.

  • Written by Sindy Dominguez Diaz/Translated by Daisel Lozada Fernandez
  • Category: Tribute Operation
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Time Warrior and Internationalist Heroes: Here!

Soldiers pay tribute to fallen heores.This December 7th, 2016, the morning was raised with patriotism and the day opens to the imperishable memory of the fallen in defense. There are no mistakes, Cuba and also Guaimaro, the easternmost municipality of the province of Camagüey do not forget their most valuable children, those who still left to sister lands and offered their lives for them.

  • Written by Niurka Rivero Navarro/Translated by Daisel Lozada Fernandez
  • Category: Tribute Operation
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